Apr 23

3 Tips for a Great Shave

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While it can be ignored as you go through your morning routine, a great shave can improve your look.  Destroying those spots of red, bumpy skin and uneven patches of stubble on your face will give your skin better color tone, and help keep your sweetheart close.  Here are three simple tips to remember the next time you approach the bathroom sink.

Take Pride

Great shaving begins with a great attitude.  Take pride in your work. Approach the shave the same way a chef enters his kitchen or a painter to the studio.  Study your face in the mirror, and strategize your game plan.  Look for any rough spots or uneven whiskers and determine what the best approach to dealing with them is.  As you shave, use careful and deliberate strokes.  Relax and take your time.  Our mornings can be stressful, but a rushed attitude will give you a rushed-looking shave.

Hot Water

Your skin is a living thing and as such, it needs to be prepared before you take that metal blade to it.  The softer your skin, the better of a shave you will get. While shaving creams, oils, and gels are great aids, hot water goes a long way. Wash and rinse your face with as hot of water as you can stand before you begin your shave.  Keep your blade warm by putting it under hot water while you are shaving. This will help your skin stay hot for each blade stroke. Remember heat is key to getting that smooth, great shave. When you finish, rinse your face again and pat dry it with a towel. An aftershave or moisturizer is a good thing to use as well, for it helps lock in that softness and closes your pores, keeping the bacteria and other junk out.

Sharp Blade

This goes without saying, but a sharp blade cuts better than a dull one.  A dull blade will catch on your hairs and lift up the skin, causing irritation and razor burn. Razor burn can do much more than just rough up your face, it could get infected.  So use a sharp blade.  Make sure to replace your disposal blade after every five shaves or so, or if you haven’t done it already, get one of the best straight razor blades on the market.  These will last forever and you can sharpen them as much as you want.

Commit yourself to slow it down the next time you go to the shaving chopping block.  Turn that hum drum morning ritual into a passionate work of art, and remember a great shave will lead to a great day.

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