Apr 09

5 Tips for Healthy Eyes

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5 Tips for Healthy EyesThere are a variety of ways to maintain good eye health and the first is to see an eye doctor for a routine exam at least once a year. A routine eye exam is not very expensive especially considering how vital our eyesight is. If your doctor finds a problem with your eyes, they will recommend proper treatment and more frequent visits if necessary. Any change in your sight needs to be seen by your doctor as this can signal a variety of issues which could cause short or long term problems.

Eating a good diet with nutritious foods can help us maintain our eye health. This includes lots of fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables, preferably not canned. Nuts and produce such as oranges, spinach, kale, romaine lettuce and turnips are good sources of nutrients that contribute to eye health. Some types of fish such as salmon are also good for your eyes so be sure to eat well for not only your overall health but your eye health as well. An added bonus is that focusing on good for you foods such as these which are known to help your eyes, you will be more likely to maintain a healthy weight or lose excess weight.

A very easy way to have healthy eyes is to use protective eye wear when working or playing sports. One mistake or impact can cause problems that can affect your eye health for the short or long term. It’s also important to remember to wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun’s rays. Not only do sunglasses protect your eyes from the sun, they also make it much easier to see in bright sunlight and reduce glare which is especially important if you will be driving.

Another important step to take in the quest for healthy eyes is to quit smoking and avoid smoke whenever possible. Smoking causes many problems for our eyes. Redness and irritation are common. More serious problems include optic neuropathy, macular degeneration, thyroid disease of the eye, vascular disease of the eye and cataracts. Smoking does so much damage such as decreasing blood flow and causing inflammation. These things are harmful to our eyes. Smoking may be very difficult to stop but your eye and overall health is definitely worth it.

If you have diabetes, it is very important that you manage your blood sugar and visit your eye doctor regularly. Do not hold off on eye exams and regularly monitor your blood sugar. Diabetics often have problems with their eyes that can easily create and worsen vision problems. Some can lose their eyesight if their diabetes is uncontrolled.


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