May 15

Becoming a Father Drops Testosterone

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There have been many different interesting studies done throughout the years about how testosterone can affect a man’s body. But, most recently, how fatherhood begins to affect a man’s testosterone levels is perhaps the newest area of study in a men’s health field. But, what happens when a man becomes a father? Well, that would all really depend on the man and his overall genetics. But, as we move into an era where men are now doing more and more with their children, it is said that due to the parenting duties and the need to provide for their offspring in different ways, has caused a genetic reason for the body to drop off a man’s testosterone level far sooner than normal.

The unfortunate fact is however, that many men are now thinking that they are less of a man because of this hormonal shift due to the modern day family man’s genetics. Fortunately, even if science states that a man’s testosterone levels do drop off when he become a participating partner in raising children, it is possible to ensure that he regains the levels that are necessary for normal life to continue, and to stave off any low-testosterone level diseases that may come about later on in life, such as heart disease and the lack of a libido.

As it becomes more and more important for men and women to split the parenting duties fifty-fifty due to a down-turn in the economy throughout the world, there is going to be a higher risk for men and their health if they aren’t staying on top of their testosterone levels and doing something about it if a dip in the levels are found.

To find out if you’re going to or are already experiencing a decline in your testosterone, no matter your age, it is extremely important for you to take it up with your doctor. With a few tests and a little time spent, you will have the answer you’ve been waiting for, and then can begin to treat the cause and the symptoms there of having a low testosterone level in your body.

Once you have found out about your low testosterone levels, you are going to want to ensure that you’re getting to the root of the problem. Many men are now turning to human growth hormone supplements and stimulants to increase the pituitary gland’s production of this naturally occurring hormone. As a whole, it has been used to increase the levels of other hormones as well, giving a man a boost in overall fitness, health, alertness, and energy throughout the day to cope with the needs of a growing family and job functions.

Another method of increasing testosterone is to attack it head on. Many doctors will now offer testosterone injections for men who aren’t making enough on their own, or you can opt to utilize a natural stimulant that will coax the body into making more of this hormone all on its own, much like the human growth hormone stimulants or supplements.

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