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November 8, 2013

Keeping Your Feet In Top Shape

Keeping Your Feet In Top Shape

The late comedian Rodney Dangerfield made the quote famous, but it can also apply to your feet: No Respect! Oh how people love to blame their feet for one thing or another including ankle and back ailments. Look folks, we spend a lot of days and nights on our feet. As men, women, and children become more active, having “healthy feet” becomes more and more important. If you think about it, there would be no soccer games, football games, basketball games or any other sports played, professional or otherwise, if sore feet and ankles or broken bones entered the picture.

Your feet is one of the great marvels of function and engineering when you consider one foot has the structure of 24 bones that must work in harmony with nerves, ligaments, muscles and blood vessels. If they don’t work together to provide mobility and balance, serious problems can arise. Spring Branch Podiatry knows full well the conundrums that can appear in your feet anytime, anyplace, or any hour. However they have the knowledge and professional experience to test, use x-rays, lab tests, and computer imagery for diagnostic purposes to solve the problem.

Contrary to some so-called medical pundits, a podiatrist license to practice is not found in a box of Corn Flakes. Actually in order to be licensed a podiatry doctor “wannabe” must have graduated from an accredited podiatric college, that includes a minimum of 90 semester hours of undergraduate work with passing grades. At last count there were over 13,000 podiatrists in this country; most self-employed. But other targets for job positions include, but not limited to, hospitals, health practitioners and government agencies.

Spring Branch Podiatry is best known as a doctor who puts men, women and children patients “back-on-their-feet.” That’s a good thing to know since any human being will find it nearly impossible to exercise, work 10 hours a day, play sports and even travel comfortably without being able to maintain a normal, functioning lifestyle they are used to.

It should be noted here that even though your feet is usually the main target for a podiatrist, they are still quite capable of treating the ankle, broken foot bones, and even diagnose potentially serious circulatory problems as well. Even a foot disease or just simply removing an ingrown toenail or annoying corn is part of their medical training. And like any other medical doctor a podiatrist is always ready to answer the call in an emergency perform surgery on deformities, abnormalities, and other chronic foot conditions.

Yes the job title: “foot doctor” may seem nihilistic, simple; even boring to some when compared to neurosurgery, but which one will you call when your feet ache like crazy?

July 24, 2013

Choosing Minimalist Running Shoes


Humans have always ran barefoot. Recreational running as a means of staying in good health wasn’t widely popularized until around the 1950’s. The first brands of shoes made specifically for running were being introduced in the 1960’s. Since then, running shoes have become increasingly more high-tech. Recently, many runners have taken to eschewing their technologically advanced footwear in favor of the back-to-basics simplicity of barefoot running. Advocates of barefoot running tout a variety of claims regarding the activity’s benefits, the biggest of which being that running barefoot is physiologically healthier.

For those interested in reaping some of the hypothesized benefits of running barefoot, but don’t want to subject their feet to constant risk of stepping on something sharp, minimalist footwear is here to save the day. Minimalist running shoes are designed to provide a similar experience to running completely barefoot, while protecting the feet from injury. They’re a somewhat recent innovation, with the barefoot running craze only really having taken off in the last couple of years. So how do you know which kind to buy?

The first, and probably most important, thing to consider is what style of shoe you’re looking for. There are two primary types. There are “barefoot shoes” and “minimalist shoes.”

Barefoot shoes are characterized by the presence of individual toe slots, and almost exclusively rubber construction. They offer the closest experience to running completely barefoot. There’s often little to no cushioning in the heel, and less than 5 mm of rubber between the floor and your feet. What sets them most apart from other shoes is that they have “zero drop.” This means that there is no height difference between the heel and toe. This close (or complete) proximity in height between the heel and toe is what makes barefoot running supposedly so healthful.

Minimalist shoes lie somewhere between the elevated heel of a traditional running shoe, and the “zero-drop” of a barefoot shoe. If you’ve never run barefoot before, you may want to ease your way into things with a pair of these before deciding on running with barefoot shoes, or completely barefoot. Most have a heel-to-toe drop of 5-7 mm, to make your stride still strike mid-foot, while allowing some rolling action too for a more natural feel.

Another thing to consider is where you’ll be running on your new shoes.

If you typically run on roads, you may want to buy shoes with razor-siped soles (much like those on the bottom of boat shoes). While they do little in the way of protecting your feet from uneven or jagged ground, they work well in preventing them from slipping on slick surfaces.

If you typically run on trails, consider purchasing a pair with some form of treads for additional traction. If your run includes any amount of climbing or scrambling over rocks, consider purchasing a pair with rock-plated soles.

July 10, 2013

Getting In Shape


As we age it is important to keep in shape. Being physically fit can help prevent falls and their severity. There are also a number of diseases that can be prevented or even offset when the body is in good physical condition and body weight is maintained at a healthy level.

Flexibility is important aspect of body health. A flexible body does not tend to sustain as many injuries as those who do not stretch and lengthen core ligaments and tendons. One very good way to stretch the body is through adult dance lessons charlotte locations and around the country. Adult dance lessons not only aid in relaxing and stretching the body, these lessons can also aid in building muscle mass.

Getting in shape by using light weights will also help deplete the symptoms of arthritis, joint pain, and depression. The muscle that is gained also helps to lessen the probability of broken bones. The muscle will adhere to the bones and protect them when the older individual falls making things like broken arms or hips less likely.

Dance classes are a perfect way to express one self as well. The movements will allow the person to release inner feelings and heighten their personal opinion. This lessens depression and will also allow the individual to meet new people lessening the probability of loneliness that leads to depression.

Variety is always the key, especially when the individual is older and trying to get or stay in shape. Light weights, dance classes, brisk walks are all part of a regimen that will keep the body in shape and keep the mind refreshed. There are also other exercises that are low impact and can help maintain a healthy body. Swimming is an excellent way to keep in shape. The fact that this exercise is in water also adds to the fact that it will not jolt or harm the body.

Other types of exercises that can help with body health include yoga, tai chi and pilates. The type of movements done with these exercises are slow and methodical. This enhances the strength of existing muscle, while growing new muscle that will stabilize and strengthen the body. In terms of stabilizing these exercises also help with balance and coordination. These are important as we age in order to prevent falls and injuries.

Whether one chooses adult dance classes charlotte locations or some other type of exercise, the results will be well worth the effort. Having the peace of mind to know that one is able to function and move without help and be able to care for self as they age is an asset that is well worth the work.Being old does not mean having to be feeble.

May 10, 2013

Top 5 Health Concerns For Men

healthy guy

Men have a higher risk of suffering from certain health problems, including heart disease, cancer and others. Knowing the top five can pave the way for prevention that saves lives. Below is a look at the top five health risks that men should be concerned about.

1. Heart Disease

Heart disease is one of the top health problems men face, but it can often be prevented through lifestyle changes. For example, eating a healthy diet with plenty of fiber can help keep the heart healthy. A regular exercise regimen can reduce the accumulation of plaque in the arteries. By reducing stress, men can reduce the strain on the heart. Finally, a little alcohol is good for the heart, but large amounts are bad for it, and smoking should be avoided completely.

2. Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer facts: it affects one out of six men at some point in life and in 2011 206,640 men in the United States were diagnosed with prostate cancer, but it’s possible to reduce the risk by taking certain steps. Eating a healthy diet with plenty of antioxidants has been shown to reduce overall cancer risk. Alcohol intake contributes to prostate cancer risk and should be avoided by those with the highest risk of this cancer. Exercise reduces the risk of cancer diagnosis as well as death from cancer after diagnosis, and regular screenings may spot prostate cancer before it becomes deadly.

3. Lung Problems

In mild cases, lung ailments such as bronchitis aren’t killers, but they can be strong contributors to early death if allowed to develop over time. It’s best to avoid smoking completely because it boosts risks of both emphysema and chronic bronchitis in users. Quitting smoking can resolve these issues. Severe air pollution, both indoor and outdoor, can also negatively affect lung health over time. Finally, respiratory problems can sometimes be avoided through good hygiene.

4. Stroke

Stroke risk is definitely tied to heredity, but risks of suffering from stroke can be dramatically reduced through the adoption of healthy habits. For example, any form of tobacco products should be avoided to reduce stroke risk. Alcohol intake should be moderated. Getting regular checkups can reveal chronic problems with blood pressure that could indicate atherosclerosis, which strongly contributes to stroke risk. Finally, it’s important to eat healthy foods and get plenty of exercise to keep the blood vessels healthy.

5. Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is the type which develops in the lifetime of many people and can be avoided through healthy eating and exercise. When the body becomes unable to regulate blood sugar, problems throughout the body can result. Blindness, loss of limbs, heart disease and death can ensue. Avoiding sugar is vital to preventing type 2 diabetes, but regular exercise is also essential to preventing insulin resistance, which can lead to diabetes.

April 23, 2013

3 Tips for a Great Shave


While it can be ignored as you go through your morning routine, a great shave can improve your look.  Destroying those spots of red, bumpy skin and uneven patches of stubble on your face will give your skin better color tone, and help keep your sweetheart close.  Here are three simple tips to remember the next time you approach the bathroom sink.

Take Pride

Great shaving begins with a great attitude.  Take pride in your work. Approach the shave the same way a chef enters his kitchen or a painter to the studio.  Study your face in the mirror, and strategize your game plan.  Look for any rough spots or uneven whiskers and determine what the best approach to dealing with them is.  As you shave, use careful and deliberate strokes.  Relax and take your time.  Our mornings can be stressful, but a rushed attitude will give you a rushed-looking shave.

Hot Water

Your skin is a living thing and as such, it needs to be prepared before you take that metal blade to it.  The softer your skin, the better of a shave you will get. While shaving creams, oils, and gels are great aids, hot water goes a long way. Wash and rinse your face with as hot of water as you can stand before you begin your shave.  Keep your blade warm by putting it under hot water while you are shaving. This will help your skin stay hot for each blade stroke. Remember heat is key to getting that smooth, great shave. When you finish, rinse your face again and pat dry it with a towel. An aftershave or moisturizer is a good thing to use as well, for it helps lock in that softness and closes your pores, keeping the bacteria and other junk out.

Sharp Blade

This goes without saying, but a sharp blade cuts better than a dull one.  A dull blade will catch on your hairs and lift up the skin, causing irritation and razor burn. Razor burn can do much more than just rough up your face, it could get infected.  So use a sharp blade.  Make sure to replace your disposal blade after every five shaves or so, or if you haven’t done it already, get one of the best straight razor blades on the market.  These will last forever and you can sharpen them as much as you want.

Commit yourself to slow it down the next time you go to the shaving chopping block.  Turn that hum drum morning ritual into a passionate work of art, and remember a great shave will lead to a great day.

July 20, 2012

Tips for getting rid of razor burn


Many men must be wondering how to get rid of razor burn. Razor burns can occur anywhere on the body even in the most visible areas such as the bikini line. Razor burn just doesn’t happen to men it can happen to anyone who shaves. A razor burn becomes red and inflamed. The feeling is similar to an uncontrollable burning or itch that can’t be touched due to the risk of irritation. When someone is shaving the razor may cause a nick or abrasion that leaves a burning feeling that appears red. That can be classified as a razor burn. No one has to be stuck with a razor burn there are many ways to prevent this from happening and to get rid of it.

Things that can be done to prevent razor burn:

  • Using a dull razor. Many people think using a sharp razor will better aid the shaving process to cut all hairs. The skin is soft and delicate; using a sharp razor can cut the skin causing irritation.
  • Try using less pressure when shaving. The more pressure that is applied when shaving the better chances there are that too much friction will occur between the area and razor.
  • Use a clean razor. Using a dirty razor is possibly the worst thing that anyone can do because it leaves room for infection to occur. A dirty razor can cut the skin open allowing bacteria to enter the skin allowing infection allowing irritation. Discard of old razors to avoid using them again. Using the same razor can cause a buildup of bacteria that may enter the body of the shaver. Washing the razor is another method for using a clean one, but it should never be used more than three times.
  • Wash the area that will be shaved. Having the area clean before preparing to shave is the best thing to prevent dirt and bacteria that may lie on the skin from entering the body or getting caught on the razor.

Dry skin can be an issue with men and women who shave. The friction between the dry skin and the razor can cause irritation, razor bumps and razor burns. One way to prevent this from happening is by moisturizing the skin. Many people moisturize their skin with lotion or shaving cream when shaving. Both methods are effective and will keep the skin healthy. Many dermatologists would recommend shaving gel to shavers. Shaving gel makes the areas of the body much smoother than shaving cream and is about the same price. Many people find comfort in shaving in the shower because of the moisture that comes from the running water. Keep the area moisturized and clean to prevent razor burns and bumps.

May 15, 2012

Becoming a Father Drops Testosterone


There have been many different interesting studies done throughout the years about how testosterone can affect a man’s body. But, most recently, how fatherhood begins to affect a man’s testosterone levels is perhaps the newest area of study in a men’s health field. But, what happens when a man becomes a father? Well, that would all really depend on the man and his overall genetics. But, as we move into an era where men are now doing more and more with their children, it is said that due to the parenting duties and the need to provide for their offspring in different ways, has caused a genetic reason for the body to drop off a man’s testosterone level far sooner than normal.

The unfortunate fact is however, that many men are now thinking that they are less of a man because of this hormonal shift due to the modern day family man’s genetics. Fortunately, even if science states that a man’s testosterone levels do drop off when he become a participating partner in raising children, it is possible to ensure that he regains the levels that are necessary for normal life to continue, and to stave off any low-testosterone level diseases that may come about later on in life, such as heart disease and the lack of a libido.

As it becomes more and more important for men and women to split the parenting duties fifty-fifty due to a down-turn in the economy throughout the world, there is going to be a higher risk for men and their health if they aren’t staying on top of their testosterone levels and doing something about it if a dip in the levels are found.

To find out if you’re going to or are already experiencing a decline in your testosterone, no matter your age, it is extremely important for you to take it up with your doctor. With a few tests and a little time spent, you will have the answer you’ve been waiting for, and then can begin to treat the cause and the symptoms there of having a low testosterone level in your body.

Once you have found out about your low testosterone levels, you are going to want to ensure that you’re getting to the root of the problem. Many men are now turning to human growth hormone supplements and stimulants to increase the pituitary gland’s production of this naturally occurring hormone. As a whole, it has been used to increase the levels of other hormones as well, giving a man a boost in overall fitness, health, alertness, and energy throughout the day to cope with the needs of a growing family and job functions.

Another method of increasing testosterone is to attack it head on. Many doctors will now offer testosterone injections for men who aren’t making enough on their own, or you can opt to utilize a natural stimulant that will coax the body into making more of this hormone all on its own, much like the human growth hormone stimulants or supplements.