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February 11, 2014

Finding a Hair Salon

Finding a Hair Salon

Finding a Hair SalonFor many people, especially those of the fairer sex, hair is seen as a crowning glory. That is why many ladies spend a lot of time at the salons just trying to make sure they look as perfect as possible. Finding a good salon is more or less the same as finding the right hair product for your case. There is no way you can be assured of the best services at any of the salons out there today. You just have to live with the trial and error search method. If you don’t like the services that are offered at one salon, you have the option to go to another till that time you will come across one that offers you the best services.

However, you should not worry a lot since there are some elements which will help to guide you in finding the right salon. You just have to make sure that you are doing your search right. Here now is a look at some of the tips which will guide you through this process:

Ask Around For Referrals from Friends and Family

If you have no idea of where you can find the best salon, you can ask family and friends for referrals. In fact, word of mouth is seen as one of the best referral method and it works for people who are closer to each other. The good thing with referrals is that you will be getting this information from the kind of people that you can trust and count on. As such, you have a high level of confidence that you will get quality services at those places.

Why not ask for a consultation

Once you make a visit to the salon, you can ask for a consultation in the first case. The consultation will help you to better understand the kind of services which are offered by the experts here. You need to do this lest you commit yourself to a stylist who might not be able to live up to the expectations. During the consultation, you can have a look at the various techniques that the staffs are using to interact and take care of customers.

How Are Their Sanitary Procedures Like?

People of all walks of life visit these salons from time to time. Therefore, the issue of cleanliness is an aspect that you really have to take seriously. Issues such as the use of clean brushes and combs, clean work stations, sanitary neck strips and the general feel of cleanliness have to be taken with a lot of weight. Communication is also a very vital element in any hair salon today. Just make sure that the stylist can understand what you want and that they are able to deliver the desired results.

January 16, 2014

Does Hair Removal Work?

Does Hair Removal Work?

Hair removal does work, but some methods work a bit better than others. The secret to successful, permanent hair removal is to remove or destroy the hair follicle. The strand of hair originates in the follicle. If it’s destroyed, no more hair can grow.

Options: Shaving
One way to remove hair is by shaving. This doesn’t remove the hair follicle and will need to be repeated if the person wants to maintain smooth skin.

Another type of hair removal is the use of depilatories. These can be bought over the counter in a drug store, but the hair will grow back. Depilatories work by applying chemicals like thioglycolic acid to the hair. This partially dissolves the keratin that makes up the hair and makes it easy to brush or wipe away. The patient can apply a depilatory his or herself, and it’s generally quick and painless.

A person can apply hot wax his or herself or can go to a spa and have it done by a professional. However, hot wax needs to be applied with care, and it shouldn’t be used if the person is using a topical acne medication because it will damage the skin. Hot wax for hair removal can also be notoriously uncomfortable.

Laser Hair Removal
This treatment uses lasers or a pulsed light to destroy the hair follicle, so it’s more long lasting than other types of hair removal treatments. The CO2 laser is often used because it’s accurate in targeting the hair follicle and leaving the surrounding skin relatively undamaged. However, laser hair removal needs to be done by a professional dermatologist. It can also be expensive as it’s generally not covered by health insurance. Also, the patient will probably need to come back for repeated treatments to make sure that the hair removal is permanent.

In electrolysis, electrical energy is used to destroy the follicle. A probe is placed in the hair follicle and after it’s destroyed the hair is gently pulled out. Again, the patient will probably need to make a few visits to the dermatologist to make sure the unwanted hair is completely gone. Electrolysis is an excellent treatment for people with fine, blonde hair.

In both laser hair removal and electrolysis, the area to be treated might have a topical anesthetic applied first to cut down on discomfort.

Our professionals at Tat2be Gone Medical Group have long experience in any sort of hair removal treatment our client prefers. If you are bothered by excess or unwanted hair, call us today for a consultation.

January 9, 2014

Taking Care of Curly Hair

Taking Care of Curly Hair

Curly hair is a hair type full of beauty, fun and natural volume. Those who do not have it wish that they did but those that do are sometimes faced with hair care difficulties. Many curly haired individuals are faced with the challenge of caring for their curls properly as well as combating the frizz and dryness commonly associated with curly hair types. Here is how to properly care for curly hair.

Do Not Shampoo Every Day

Curly hair is often coarse and frizzy which means daily shampooing is not recommended. When hair is shampooed daily, the natural oils of the hair and scalp are stripped resulting in dry, frizzy hair. On the days you are not washing your hair, condition to keep curls moisturized. Also be sure to invest in a good conditioner for your hair type.

Wash with Cold Water

Washing hair in cold water is especially beneficial to those with curls. Rinsing with cold water causes the hair cuticles to close which seals in proteins and promotes shine.

Replace Your Brush with a Comb

A wide tooth comb should be used to detangle curly hair. Brushing curl hair only causes breakage and frizz. Not only will detangling be easier but your hair will be protected from the damage that brushing can cause.

Avoid Towel Drying

Towel drying curly hair causes friction to the hair cuticle resulting in an increase in frizz. Instead, try using a cotton t-shirt to gently dry hair and better sculpt curls. If you do decide to towel dry, simply wrap hair into the towel and place on top of your head for 5-10 minutes. Avoiding scrubbing at your hair to dry.

Apply a Moisture Treatment Once a Week

A curly hair moisture treatment should be applied once a week to nourish hair and provide it with the moisture it needs. All natural moisture treatments that are perfect for curls include an avocado treatment consisting of avocado, jojoba oil and coconut milk to applying natural oils such as jojoba oil, coconut oil and grape seed oil. There are also great moisture treatments that can be found in stores.

Overall, taking care of curly hair is not as challenging as you may think. With the proper hair care routine you can have shiny, damage free curls that are free of frizz. All you have to do is avoid shampooing daily, rinse with cold water, avoid towel drying, and apply a moisture treatment once a week.