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March 11, 2014

Noninvasive, Nonsurgical Weight Loss

Noninvasive, Nonsurgical Weight Loss

Noninvasive, Nonsurgical Weight LossAmericans struggle to lose weight even when their very life depends on it. That is why the advancements offered by i Lipo™ are dramatically impacting the quality of life for legions. This noninvasive, nonsurgical weight loss method uses the latest technology in laser lipolysis eliminating the need for needles and pain. The procedure is affordable and safe and has been medically proven to produce comparable results to liposuction surgeries. Individuals are able to realize weight reduction, inch loss and body contouring.

How it Works

When humans take in more calories than are needed, the unused calories are stored as fat inside fat cells. The visible red i Lipo laser releases low levels of laser energy passing through the skin and into the fat cells. The laser technology generates a chemical signal to the fat cell’s outer wall causing it to release the fatty acids and glycerol that are stored within it into passages in the cell membranes. Fatty acids and glycerol are then slowly carried around the body to be metabolized by tissues to create energy. Fatty acid release is a natural body occurrence whenever the body requires stored energy reserves and therefore, I Lipo does not alter any of the body’s natural responses. The laser does not impact or damage nearby skin, peripheral nerves, blood vessels, or other body structures. Affected fat cells remain intact but are reduced in size.

Recommended Treatment Procedure

One treatment reduces fat layer depth by 30% and additional treatments significantly enhance the results. Generally, a full course of i Lipo treatments consists of eight treatments, two per week over a four week period. Treatments are virtually painless, take approximately 20 minutes and are followed by a ten minute infrared laser vacuum massage. Once fat cells have been broken down by the i Lipo laser, the fat cell’s contents need to exit the body within a few hours or they will be reabsorbed by other fat cells. Short workouts after the treatments are highly recommended to ascertain fat is metabolized and excreted by the lymphatic system. Individuals can return to their normal daily activities immediately after the process.

Who can Benefit from i Lipo?

Men and women benefit from this new technology and it can be used with all skin types and on almost every area of the body. A great advantage of i Lipo is the capability of targeting specific problem areas by specifically positioning the laser pads. Upper arms, thighs, abdomen, chin, etc. can all be explicitly targeted for treatment. Individuals with a prior medical condition should consult their physician. The treatment is not recommended for anyone who is pregnant, breastfeeding, diabetic, or who has a prior malignancy.


Commonly, treatment outcomes include a reduction in abdomen circumference by two to four centimeters which is visible immediately. Results are long-term with moderate caloric intake and regular exercise.

Individuals needing to lose weight should consider i Lipo Fullerton Drake before embarking on any invasive, surgical liposuction procedures. Schedule a free consultation today.

February 23, 2014

Hospitals Aren’t as Bad as You Might Think

Hospitals Aren’t as Bad as You Might Think

Hospitals Aren’t as Bad as You Might ThinkIf you are anything like me, hospitals are a little scary. You are either sick or hurt, or visiting somebody close to you that is. I find the more I know about a place before I visit, the less anxious or nervous I am in going there. For that reason, I want to focus on things one can expect when they go to a hospital.

Usually the first thing you find when you walk into a hospital is that it’s busy. There is rarely a slow time in a hospital. You’ll see other people, possibly like yourself, who are injured and needing immediate attention. You’ll also see a multitude of different workers who help make the hospital run smoothly. Most times when you walk in the building, you walk directly into a waiting room with a main desk with clerks to take down your information and facilitate the traffic. You walk up to the main desk, and you’ll have to tell the clerk why you are there. If you are indeed injured, there will be many forms you will have to fill out. These forms typically include personal health history including your current Physician, the incident that brought you into the hospital that day, insurance information so that the hospital can bill for their services correctly & efficiently and various legal forms allowing release of medical information and forms releasing the hospital from liability. Even though you may think that your particular injury is the end of the world, you will have to fill out a mountain of paperwork before being seen by the doctor. This is to help the hospital best assist you and protect themselves.

Once it is your turn to be seen by the doctor, you will typically be walked down a hallway into a private room. There, a nurse will take your vitals and talk to you about why you are there. The nurse will take detailed notes so that the doctor can know how best to help you. After a time, the doctor will come in and assess the situation and speak to you about your options for treatment. If you are experiencing an off balance of some kind then perhaps they will utilize a ASA Balance to help figure out how to restore your body’s natural recuperative healing abilities. As someone who has food allergies I was interested to learn that the technology has been around since the 1950s and is the most effective in addressing food sensitivities.

Hospitals hire all levels and types of professionals in order to operate effectively. You may run into receptionists, nurses and doctors like at your regular Physician’s office. On a technical level, you may run into Radiologists who operate the x-rays which help the doctors diagnose injuries. On a healthcare level, you may run into nurses, doctors, physical therapists or surgeons who are the ones who will directly help the patients. On an administrative level, you may run into receptionists, legal representatives or the hospital CEO who help the hospital more in a business sense to make sure procedure is followed and things run as smooth as possible.

All in all, a hospital really isn’t a scary place. If you ever need to go, rest assured that they are only there to help.

February 17, 2014

Are You Struggling With an Addiction?

Are You Struggling With an Addiction

Are You Struggling With an AddictionAddiction is a tough thing that unfortunately a lot of individuals in today’s world face. It is sad to see how troubled some individuals have become because of the messes they have gotten into. However, it is important to always keep in mind that these addictions can be overcome. Although it might take many painful years, a person can overcome a alcohol addiction.

First of all it is important not to minimize the issue hoping that by so doing it will go away on its own. Address the issue openly. It is important to show individuals who struggle with an alcohol addiction that you still love and care for them as a person, you just don’t agree with their particular actions. Someone going through an addiction needs love and support from those around them if they are going to succeed in recovery. They need people they can trust and count on to be there and help give them motivation when they are struggling most and want to give up. You also want to try and eliminate future use. If you have drugs or alcohol in your house, you might want to think about getting rid of it so it won’t be a temptation. More often than not, professional help is needed.

There is a wide range of professional help out there. On a more basic level there are local addiction recovery groups sponsored by the city or local churches. For an individual that might have a lot of determination and will power to do a lot of the recovery on their own, this might be a great option as it isn’t too invasive. Another option is to participate in therapy. In our society therapy has gotten a negative reputation but from personal experience I will attest to the wonders therapy does. It is so nice to just get things off your chest and let someone else help to guide you in the correct direction of recovery. If you are finding that these less invasive means of trying to overcome an alcohol addiction aren’t too effective you may consider Addiction Treatment Centers. There are all sorts of types for different issues, inpatient and outpatient programs, and a variety of costs to keep in mind. You could find a program to attend as an inpatient, you could have an extensive outpatient program or you could even find a sober living house to live at.

In my opinion the most valuable help you can give an individual suffering is your love. Nurture the relationship and let them know you care and you’ll work through this together. There are some steps you can take in order to get your life back on track. First you can start by getting rid of old habits. Eliminate alcohol from your home, and don’t associate with people or places you did in the past where all you did was fuel your addiction. Second, you will probably need to reevaluate your finances. Chances are that when you were in the thick of things you didn’t make the wisest money choices. Revamp your budget and make a commitment to stick to it. Finally, try to mend any relationships you might have damaged through your addiction. Look for people who will help and support you in your new lifestyle choice. 

February 13, 2014

Common Foot Injuries

Common Foot Injuries

Common Foot InjuriesWith the amount we use our feet, it is rather surprising that more injuries are not sustained with the feet. However, the very makeup of the bone and muscle structure protect the feet from most wear and tear. With this being said though, there are some rather common injuries that occur to the foot. Thankfully, most of these injuries are treatable, so should you find yourself suffering from any sort of foot ailment, it is possible to to visit us at the Sarasota Orthopedic Associates facility where we can inspect your foot and determine what exactly is causing you pain, plus how to go about correcting the situation.

Plantar Fasciitis

This is a rather common problem that causes pain directly in the heel. This takes place when inflammation occurs and may make it difficult for you to walk or stand, due to the pain that shoots up your foot. Thankfully, nothing is broken or fractured, so correcting the issue isn’t as time consuming and extended as other foot issues.

Ankle Sprain

Ankle sprains increase in numbers as individuals age, although it is possible to have an angle sprain at just about any time. A sprain takes place with the ligaments of your foot stretch too far or even tear. You might suffer from a regular ankle sprain or a high ankle sprain. A high sprain is when the ligaments connecting the two bones of the lower leg tear or stretch too far. Either way, the only real method for correcting the problem is rest and to stay off the foot for a set period of time.

Heel Spur

This is somewhat similar with plantar fasciitis, although instead of inflammation causing the problem there is actually a hook of bone that occurs right where the plantar fascia attaches to the bone in the heel which makes it painful to walk or do just about anything. In order to correct this situation, the bone spur must usually be removed.


There are different forms of tendonitis that occur in different areas of the foot. This might occur when a tendon ruptures and causes severe pain. Typically, achilles tendonitis is the most common form of the issue.

Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

This is the foot version of carpal tunnel syndrome. It is a pinched nerve in the back of your feet that cause pain. There are different causes behind why this might take place, but thankfully you usually don’t have to undergo surgery to correct it.

Lederhose’s Disease

This condition is when there are nodules that form inside of the foot, ultimately causing little bumps on the underside of your foot. This issue usually is connected to a similar problem in your hands, although not always.

Bimalleolar Ankle Fractures

This is a rather serious fracture that takes place inside the ankle. When this occurs, surgery is usually required, although the exact kind of surgery does vary. You might require pins to correct the fracture, or simply a realignment and cast to keep everything secure. Regardless, this is a painful fracture injury.

February 10, 2014

Jobs in the Medical Profession

Friendly Medical professionals

Ever feel like you are hitting a brick wall with your current occupation? Well, you are in luck! There are many great job opportunities in the medical field.

If you are a people person who loves helping others then a job in nursing is right up your alley! Nurses typically have a caring and kind demeanor as well as have an ability to recognize problems and are detail oriented to take notes. Nurses take care of sick and injured people, give medicine, treat wounds, but most importantly give emotional support to parents and families of the patient they are treating. A nurse is responsible for asking the patient about their symptoms and taking detailed notes for the Doctor. This position requires a degree in Nursing which takes approximately four years.

Another option an individual may consider is a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). A CNA also helps patients or clients with their various healthcare needs however, they work under the supervision of a Registered Nurse. You may find yourself working in a variety of settings from nursing homes, hospitals to personal homes. Your essential role as a CNA is to act as a liaison between the patient and the Nurse. Since you would be under the supervision of a Registered Nurse, issues of legality prevent you from performing certain medical procedures. In order to become a CNA an individual must go through a training program and pass an examination.

If you feel that you want a little more than what a nurse has to offer, perhaps consider becoming a family physician. With this, you are a full blown MD so you will need to have attended medical school. Typically you would find yourself working in an office that has regular business hours which is appealing to many since if you worked at say a hospital you could have erratic hours. If you already are finished with school and looking for a great place to work, perhaps look at seattle family physicians to see if there are any openings. The Polyclinic believes that relationship building is key in this business and strives to have their physicians build a strong relationship with families in order to establish a lifetime bond and trust when it comes to healthcare needs.

A fourth option in the exciting field of medicine is becoming a Radiologist! Essentially, a Radiologist performs diagnostic imaging examinations on patients. This is most commonly referred to as x-rays. Some activities you might find yourself doing as a Radiologist include: adjusting and maintaining imaging equipment, following orders from Physicians on which specifics areas of the body to image, protecting a patient from areas that aren’t being imaged by placing a shield over those areas and operating the computerized equipment to take the images. Although requirements to become a Radiologist vary widely by state, typically an individual must obtain an Associate’s degree as well as becoming licensed in their particular state of residence.

Many people are unhappy with their current job position. However, there is something that you can do. Take action and look into these exciting positions in the medical field today. 

February 7, 2014

When Its Time for Rehab

When Its Time for Rehab

When Its Time for RehabThe realization that a loved one is on drugs can be shocking. Once you do, the next dilemma is how to stem the problem. Confronting the person harshly may not help as she may deny it. On the other hand, you cannot afford to sit there and pretend that there is nothing wrong. It is also useless to think that somehow, your loved one will take control of her life and seek for help. Luckily, there are many professionals in this field who can always help you out. The sooner you get a loving friend or relative into rehab, the better for her. The one question you will have to deal with is: when is the right time for rehab?

Dependency on drugs

Take alcohol for instance. Your friend starts drinking as a social habit. At some point, you were even drinking together. A few months down the line and it comes to your notice that things have changed. Your loved one can no longer keep a job. Meanwhile, her marriage is almost tearing apart. You realize that she has become hooked on alcohol and is always looking for an opportunity to get the next fix. This is a clear sign that she is hooked.

Denial and making of empty promises

Denial comes when you confront someone about their unusual behavior. As a close friend, you probably know about their abnormal behavior. However, every time you raise the issue she avoids it or denies ever taking drugs. This leads to further consumption of the substance in question. On the other hand, your friend may admit that she has a problem. She even promises to go for treatment. Sadly, she never brings herself to find a solution and the cycle continues. At this juncture, you have to break the pattern and ask your friend to go for rehab.

Constant requests for money

There is nothing wrong with giving your friend money. In any case, she helps you out when you have a similar problem. However, if you notice that these requests are too frequent, think again. You could be bankrolling a drug habit. It could also be that she never repays back what she borrows yet she makes promises to do so. At times you do this as a dear friend would naturally support another. It is high time that you engaged your dear one and sell to her the idea of going for rehab. With her permission, book an appointment with a professional counselor and accompany your friend to the meeting.

If your offer to assist is rejected, then you should allow your loved one some time to deal with the denial. Going forward, do not lend her money again. Show her that you are not apologetic for anything. Eventually, she will make sense of it and break through denial. The Palm Beach Institute is fine place to refer a friend for rehab.

February 6, 2014

Xanex Addiction

Xanex Addiction

I used to think that addiction only was connected to what would be considered by society as bad or negative things. Yes it is true that when most people hear the term addiction they will probably think of things such as drugs, alcohol, gambling, pornography, or video games. This is true, and all of those are very common forms of addictions. However, I have come to find out over the past recent years that addiction can also sneak up on an individual within good habits as well such as sleeping, exercising, and/or eating. One might not automatically think that sleeping, exercising, or eating is bad, but in excess, those good things can have negative effects on your body. I have seen an individual who made it a goal to exercise every day simply to lose a few pounds and get in better shape. Well, she got addicted to exercise as she saw the pounds disappear and her energy increase and did some real lasting damage to her body that she can’t reverse. Simply put, an addiction is the continued use of something or continued behavior despite adverse dependency consequences. It is when a person keeps doing something and feels trapped and can’t get out.

When you think of overcoming addictions or recovery most people initially think of treatment centers if it is a severe case, or maybe 12 step programs if they feel that might work better for their situation. I am a huge proponent of treatment centers because I have seen the difference they can make in peoples’ lives. Women Xanex treatment is one example. The treatment center is located in Southern Florida so it is within a nice setting and the patients are encouraged to enjoy therapy and treatment outdoors in some instances.

When someone is addicted to prescription drugs, Xanex in particular, it is important that they go to a very specialized treatment center. They need somewhere that provides an extremely safe and nurturing environment that not only focuses a lot on Xanex, but that knows women and their issues as well. They need to attend treatment centers that aren’t founded on the principle of punitive outcomes because that will not be effective long term. Chances are that women who are addicted to Xanex have other mental issues going on so they need to be addressed at the time of treatment as well. Keep in mind that prescription drugs including Xanex, account for approximately 34% of all suicides in women. That is a high percentage! Women who are pregnant are causing much harm for their unborn child when taking Xanex because it can cross the placenta therefore affecting the baby.

It is important to keep in mind that a woman who is addicted to Xanex needs to go through some detoxification before a formal treatment center is going to be the most beneficial. This needs to be done under the direction of a medical professional in a slow, weaning process because of its destructive nature you can’t stop cold turkey. IV therapy might be another option that could be helpful in order to begin the treatment process. If you struggle with this, or know someone who does, there is hope, get some professional help today.

February 4, 2014

What is Body Contouring?

What is Body Contouring?

Body contouring is any medical procedure that changes the shape of any certain part of your body. It can be all the way up from your head and all the way down to your toes. It basically done by removing fat or skin off certain parts of the body. Each procedure varies on client.

Make sure you go to license professionals with state of the art technology. You will find smaller companies who offer what you are looking for at a much cheaper price than the licensed professionals. But is your safety worth a few hundred dollars? Be careful when choosing your professionals!

It also involves the re-sizing and reshaping of certain areas so the overall appearance of the client is well balanced and proportionate. You don’t want to have skinny arms and legs but a huge belly sticking outwards. You want to feel balanced. This may also include toning of the skin to improve the appearance of the client.

Their are many procedures that are out their today, but here are a few common procedures:

The first one is, body-jet liposuction which is a great way to fix areas where fat deposits exist. These usually tend not to go away through diet and exercise, no matter how much you try. It helps to reduce the number of fat cells in that specific area. This allows treatment to remove them for good. The result is a more proportionate and balanced body. This makes it easier to lose wait in that area afterwards as well through dieting and working out.

The second one is, body-lifting which comes in many forms. A few examples are arm lift, thigh lift, tummy tucks, mini tummy tucks and a few others. These are a surgical approaches to removing extra fat and skin from the body. This is used often when skin has lost elasticity due to ageing or a dramatic weight loss and your skin starts to sag a little bit and you have excess stretch-marks. Lift procedures can also be combined with liposuction. This is very common in women who have recently had a baby.

The most common contouring we see today is for breasts, stomach, thighs and upper arms, just to name a few.. We have come so far in advancements for these procedures that there are also non-invasive techniques to assist in body contouring. For example, cool-sculpting, which assists in getting rid of bulky fat.

Body contouring is able to provide excellent benefits to your physical health and emotional well being. We have seen it provide a kick-start to so many people’s lives, creating a healthier and more confident lifestyles. But this isn’t for everyone, so make sure you talk to a doctor beforehand. Also, this is a warning, expect to pay a large sum of money, they procedures are not covered by insurance. You will be paying out of pocket for this.

I suggest you search “ilipo Chicago” on Google or any other search engine. You will find a lot of details and FAQ through that keyword search. Feel free to contact ilipo Chicago as well.

January 29, 2014

What To Do When You Have Chest Pressure?

What To Do When You Have Chest Pressure?

When many people have chest pressure or discomfort, they begin to panic because they think that they are having a heart attack. Chest pressure is one of the many symptoms that people can experience when they are having a heart attack. However, it is important to note that there are a number of other things that can cause chest pressure. Some of the conditions that cause chest pressure are not life-threatening.

Heartburn, muscle spasms and gallstones are examples of some of the non-heart related problems that can cause chest pressure. Chest pressure can also be a symptom of a panic attack. Fast breathing is one of the other symptoms that you may experience if you are having a panic attack.

If the chest pressure is indeed caused by a heart-related problem, then you may also experience other symptoms. Some of those symptoms include tightness, pain that radiates to the jaw, shoulder or back and shortness of breath. There are certain factors that raise your chances of having a heart problem. Some of those factors include family history, alcohol use, smoking, diabetes and high blood pressure.

Keep in mind that there are life-threatening lung conditions that can also cause chest pressure. Some of those conditions include pulmonary embolism, pneumonia and pleurisy. A pulmonary embolism is a type of blood clot that develops inside of the lungs. Pneumonia is a condition that causes the lungs to become inflamed. It is caused by a virus or bacteria.

It is hard for most people to distinguish whether their chest pressure is caused by something minor or life-threatening. That is why it is best to see a physician if you experience chest pressure. The physician will perform several tests in order to ensure that the chest pain is not caused by anything serious. Your doctor may also ask you questions about the pain, when it started and how intense it is.

Asking questions and performing tests allow the doctor to come up with the right diagnosis and treatment plan for you. Your doctor may also refer you to a specialist for more tests and/or a second opinion. If your chest pressure is caused by something serious, then you will be presented with a lot of treatment options. For example, if the chest pressure is caused by a problem with your mitral valve, then you may have the option of getting minimally invasive mitral valve repair.

January 28, 2014

Finding Help With an Injured Foot

Finding Help With an Injured Foot

Unless you have been drifting at sea for the past few decades, chances are good that you have heard of foot injuries. In fact, if you have been watching television for more than an hour or so, you may have come across a commercial promising a remedy for all your joint pain and aches. Those sellers make foot injuries like symptoms sound like a piece of cake. Just take their product and the pain is gone.

Foot Injuries – Basics

The truth is, foot injuries can be painful, interfering with the activities of daily life. Although this injury presents with a variety of symptoms, the one that is most popular is the redness followed by swelling of the foot. When this happens, people may head for the nearest emergency room, assuming that they have an infection that may spread to the rest of the leg. Better safe than sorry. The doctor will decide whether the patient is experiencing the side-effect of a medication, accident or a serious injury to the nerves and bones in the foot. It is easy to know the real cause by conducting some diagnostic tests.

Possible Complications

You may have experienced foot injury symptoms just as you finish your Sunday football match. But foot injuries can also happen when you bend down to tie your shoes or when you wake up from a power nap. While redness and swelling are the most familiar symptoms of foot injuries, sometimes it may create other problems as well, in men, women as well as children. Sufferers can develop a wide range of medical problems, such as bleeding, puncture, injured toenail, fractures, bruises and frostbite. There is no denying that foot injuries can take all of the fun out of a weekend getaway or a walk at the mall. It may make you limp for the moment, and in extreme cases, for the rest of your life.

Foot injuries affect a significant number of people. Injuries from an accident is only one expression of a more extensive permanent disability. And it affects people of every ethnic, socioeconomic group and gender, although the greatest incidence is among women above age forty due to low-bone density.

Orange County Foot Doctor

Not all foot injuries react the same way to any one treatment. But it is important to treat foot injuries as soon as the symptoms appear so people can become aware of what is happening to them. This knowledge also aids communication with their doctors, not only because they can get the foot treated, but also because they can better understand their overall health and well-being. The doctors will also do a complete physical exam to rule out other causes of injuries besides the obvious ones.