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Does Hair Removal Work?

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Hair removal does work, but some methods work a bit better than others. The secret to successful, permanent hair removal is to remove or destroy the hair follicle. The strand of hair originates in the follicle. If it’s destroyed, no more hair can grow.

Options: Shaving
One way to remove hair is by shaving. This doesn’t remove the hair follicle and will need to be repeated if the person wants to maintain smooth skin.

Another type of hair removal is the use of depilatories. These can be bought over the counter in a drug store, but the hair will grow back. Depilatories work by applying chemicals like thioglycolic acid to the hair. This partially dissolves the keratin that makes up the hair and makes it easy to brush or wipe away. The patient can apply a depilatory his or herself, and it’s generally quick and painless.

A person can apply hot wax his or herself or can go to a spa and have it done by a professional. However, hot wax needs to be applied with care, and it shouldn’t be used if the person is using a topical acne medication because it will damage the skin. Hot wax for hair removal can also be notoriously uncomfortable.

Laser Hair Removal
This treatment uses lasers or a pulsed light to destroy the hair follicle, so it’s more long lasting than other types of hair removal treatments. The CO2 laser is often used because it’s accurate in targeting the hair follicle and leaving the surrounding skin relatively undamaged. However, laser hair removal needs to be done by a professional dermatologist. It can also be expensive as it’s generally not covered by health insurance. Also, the patient will probably need to come back for repeated treatments to make sure that the hair removal is permanent.

In electrolysis, electrical energy is used to destroy the follicle. A probe is placed in the hair follicle and after it’s destroyed the hair is gently pulled out. Again, the patient will probably need to make a few visits to the dermatologist to make sure the unwanted hair is completely gone. Electrolysis is an excellent treatment for people with fine, blonde hair.

In both laser hair removal and electrolysis, the area to be treated might have a topical anesthetic applied first to cut down on discomfort.

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