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Funding Rehab for a Loved One

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Funding Rehab for a Loved OneIt might come as a shock when you realize that someone you love has an addiction problem. It could be alcohol, drugs or both. After talking to the person for some time, you realize that they are feeling so helpless and would like to kick the habit out of their life. The next step is to find a rehab center where they can be assisted to get clean and go back to a normal life. As it were, rehab centers come with a cost. There are different packages for teenagers and adults. The cost also varies depending on whether you would like an in-patient or outpatient rehab care. When funding rehab care for someone you love, you might have to take some drastic measures such as the following:

Selling personal items

It is not easy to part with personal items that may have taken you several years to acquire. However, the cost is nothing compared to saving human life. This is someone who is close to you and nothing can compare to their well being. Identify items that you can be able to dispose off quickly. Electronics, jewelry, precious stones and furniture are some of these. Look for something that will fetch a fair price in the market. It could also be a boat, camping gear and bicycle or other sports equipment.

Loan from bank

If you find that the amount you have saved in your bank account is not enough for rehab payment, obtain a loan from the same bank. Even though this will come at an interest, it is nothing compared to benefits accruing from having a sober relative or spouse. Find out how much your rehab facility of choice is going to charge for the entire program. Use this information to apply for a loan. Once you get the money, you can negotiate for a price reduction. Rehab centers are always ready to offer a negotiated price so long as you can show your ability to pay.


In most states across the US, there are regulations that require insurance companies to provide cover for drug and alcohol rehab. Some medical insurance policies do have this package regardless of the law requirements. Talk to your insurance service provider about it and find out whether you are covered. Usually, the cover will come with a co-payment and a limit for both out and inpatient treatment. Request your insurer to provide you with names of rehab centers where your cover will be accepted.

Cash donations

Since drug addiction affects entire families, you can involve other family members in assisting you to meet the cost of rehab. The addict’s friends might also be moved by his/her condition and chip in to the extent that they can.

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