Jul 10

Getting In Shape

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As we age it is important to keep in shape. Being physically fit can help prevent falls and their severity. There are also a number of diseases that can be prevented or even offset when the body is in good physical condition and body weight is maintained at a healthy level.

Flexibility is important aspect of body health. A flexible body does not tend to sustain as many injuries as those who do not stretch and lengthen core ligaments and tendons. One very good way to stretch the body is through adult dance lessons charlotte locations and around the country. Adult dance lessons not only aid in relaxing and stretching the body, these lessons can also aid in building muscle mass.

Getting in shape by using light weights will also help deplete the symptoms of arthritis, joint pain, and depression. The muscle that is gained also helps to lessen the probability of broken bones. The muscle will adhere to the bones and protect them when the older individual falls making things like broken arms or hips less likely.

Dance classes are a perfect way to express one self as well. The movements will allow the person to release inner feelings and heighten their personal opinion. This lessens depression and will also allow the individual to meet new people lessening the probability of loneliness that leads to depression.

Variety is always the key, especially when the individual is older and trying to get or stay in shape. Light weights, dance classes, brisk walks are all part of a regimen that will keep the body in shape and keep the mind refreshed. There are also other exercises that are low impact and can help maintain a healthy body. Swimming is an excellent way to keep in shape. The fact that this exercise is in water also adds to the fact that it will not jolt or harm the body.

Other types of exercises that can help with body health include yoga, tai chi and pilates. The type of movements done with these exercises are slow and methodical. This enhances the strength of existing muscle, while growing new muscle that will stabilize and strengthen the body. In terms of stabilizing these exercises also help with balance and coordination. These are important as we age in order to prevent falls and injuries.

Whether one chooses adult dance classes charlotte locations or some other type of exercise, the results will be well worth the effort. Having the peace of mind to know that one is able to function and move without help and be able to care for self as they age is an asset that is well worth the work.Being old does not mean having to be feeble.

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