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Hospitals Aren’t as Bad as You Might Think

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Hospitals Aren’t as Bad as You Might ThinkIf you are anything like me, hospitals are a little scary. You are either sick or hurt, or visiting somebody close to you that is. I find the more I know about a place before I visit, the less anxious or nervous I am in going there. For that reason, I want to focus on things one can expect when they go to a hospital.

Usually the first thing you find when you walk into a hospital is that it’s busy. There is rarely a slow time in a hospital. You’ll see other people, possibly like yourself, who are injured and needing immediate attention. You’ll also see a multitude of different workers who help make the hospital run smoothly. Most times when you walk in the building, you walk directly into a waiting room with a main desk with clerks to take down your information and facilitate the traffic. You walk up to the main desk, and you’ll have to tell the clerk why you are there. If you are indeed injured, there will be many forms you will have to fill out. These forms typically include personal health history including your current Physician, the incident that brought you into the hospital that day, insurance information so that the hospital can bill for their services correctly & efficiently and various legal forms allowing release of medical information and forms releasing the hospital from liability. Even though you may think that your particular injury is the end of the world, you will have to fill out a mountain of paperwork before being seen by the doctor. This is to help the hospital best assist you and protect themselves.

Once it is your turn to be seen by the doctor, you will typically be walked down a hallway into a private room. There, a nurse will take your vitals and talk to you about why you are there. The nurse will take detailed notes so that the doctor can know how best to help you. After a time, the doctor will come in and assess the situation and speak to you about your options for treatment. If you are experiencing an off balance of some kind then perhaps they will utilize a ASA Balance to help figure out how to restore your body’s natural recuperative healing abilities. As someone who has food allergies I was interested to learn that the technology has been around since the 1950s and is the most effective in addressing food sensitivities.

Hospitals hire all levels and types of professionals in order to operate effectively. You may run into receptionists, nurses and doctors like at your regular Physician’s office. On a technical level, you may run into Radiologists who operate the x-rays which help the doctors diagnose injuries. On a healthcare level, you may run into nurses, doctors, physical therapists or surgeons who are the ones who will directly help the patients. On an administrative level, you may run into receptionists, legal representatives or the hospital CEO who help the hospital more in a business sense to make sure procedure is followed and things run as smooth as possible.

All in all, a hospital really isn’t a scary place. If you ever need to go, rest assured that they are only there to help.

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