Mar 27

How does HCG work

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How does HCG work“I’m too busy to workout”, is the password these days, especially for the people who have been juggling home, family and job. So ease and reliability have to be the prime reason in diet planning. That’s why HCG diet founder has come up with a plan that can offer some substantial results for those who want to lose weight.

The HCG diet plan offered by Fullerton Drake Center promises to shed those extra pounds day after after if you are faithfully following it. This plan is “partnered” with a complete day menu. You will also find tips and tricks that show you how easily you can lose weight and get a toned body. People lose anywhere from 2 pounds a day to as much as 150 pounds over the course of this plan.

So how does this diet work? Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is a hormone found in pregnant women naturally. This hormone plays a crucial role in the health of the fetus. Its two main functions relate to the development of sexual organs in the fetus as well as ensuring that adequate amount of calories and nutrients are met for both the mother and the developing child. To keep pace with the fetus growth during pregnancy, the hormone stimulates the hypothalamus that results in chemicals responsible for burning fat into energy. During this process, fat in the form of nutrients are released into bloodstream providing sustenance to the growing fetus. Even in the absence of pregnancy, this process takes place naturally in the human body.

It’s unfortunate that people rely on things like hormone pills and steroids to lose weight, but even those well-intended weight loss techniques have cast into uncertainty. Here is what the science as well as common sense have to say: When people eat out, are mindless while eating, they are more likely to consume too many calories in a short time. Besides this, they go beyond the recommended level of saturated fat, trans fat and cholesterol that come through greasy food. Further, it is estimated that 85 percent of our sodium intake comes from restaurant food and packaged snacks. These people are less likely to eat fruits and vegetables.

What this diet does is limit those calories intake to 500 a day. However, with all the delicious food items, you don’t have to cut any corners on nutrition. You eat the same quality food but in smaller portion sizes. What people are discovering and what you will find as you follow this diet is that weight-control can be interesting, and the meals can be nutritious and tasty as well. You will pick up the best habits from this diet and soon you will be on your way to get that svelte figure.


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