Nov 08

Keeping Your Feet In Top Shape

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The late comedian Rodney Dangerfield made the quote famous, but it can also apply to your feet: No Respect! Oh how people love to blame their feet for one thing or another including ankle and back ailments. Look folks, we spend a lot of days and nights on our feet. As men, women, and children become more active, having “healthy feet” becomes more and more important. If you think about it, there would be no soccer games, football games, basketball games or any other sports played, professional or otherwise, if sore feet and ankles or broken bones entered the picture.

Your feet is one of the great marvels of function and engineering when you consider one foot has the structure of 24 bones that must work in harmony with nerves, ligaments, muscles and blood vessels. If they don’t work together to provide mobility and balance, serious problems can arise. Spring Branch Podiatry knows full well the conundrums that can appear in your feet anytime, anyplace, or any hour. However they have the knowledge and professional experience to test, use x-rays, lab tests, and computer imagery for diagnostic purposes to solve the problem.

Contrary to some so-called medical pundits, a podiatrist license to practice is not found in a box of Corn Flakes. Actually in order to be licensed a podiatry doctor “wannabe” must have graduated from an accredited podiatric college, that includes a minimum of 90 semester hours of undergraduate work with passing grades. At last count there were over 13,000 podiatrists in this country; most self-employed. But other targets for job positions include, but not limited to, hospitals, health practitioners and government agencies.

Spring Branch Podiatry is best known as a doctor who puts men, women and children patients “back-on-their-feet.” That’s a good thing to know since any human being will find it nearly impossible to exercise, work 10 hours a day, play sports and even travel comfortably without being able to maintain a normal, functioning lifestyle they are used to.

It should be noted here that even though your feet is usually the main target for a podiatrist, they are still quite capable of treating the ankle, broken foot bones, and even diagnose potentially serious circulatory problems as well. Even a foot disease or just simply removing an ingrown toenail or annoying corn is part of their medical training. And like any other medical doctor a podiatrist is always ready to answer the call in an emergency perform surgery on deformities, abnormalities, and other chronic foot conditions.

Yes the job title: “foot doctor” may seem nihilistic, simple; even boring to some when compared to neurosurgery, but which one will you call when your feet ache like crazy?

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