Oct 28

Medical Refurbishment from Apollo Interiors

by in Clinic

medApollo Interiors is a medical refurbishment and interior design with a large, experienced design team, a longstanding reputation and a wide range of clients. Size matters little to Apollo Interiors and they take on jobs for medical and corporate refurbishment and interior design regardless of the size or scope of the project or the business that wishes to hire them. Their business ethos is that honest brings prosperity, both to the client as well to the business working for them. They exemplify this ethos with a completely transparent business style focused on bringing client and company together in a trusting and open relationship with potential for longevity.

Apollo Interiors is also very environmentally conscious about the products they use and understand the massive impact that construction and the various materials involved all have upon the earth. This is why their highly qualified and dedicated team of interior designers and specialists personally research all the requested articles for construction before the building is actually taken underway. In this fashion they can ensure maximum sustainability, both for the building itself as well as the environment.

When designing a room, whether from scratch or simply refurbishing, Apollo Interiors gives special weight to the air, lighting and acoustics. For the company they are the most important design triad, trumping everything else in the design process. Their goal is to design a interior space that not only LOOKS great but FEELS great as well. Their philosophy is that it is pointless to have fantastic looking office or lobby if you feel distressed waiting or working in it.

Apollo Interiors also ensure that your project is moving smoothly throughout every single phase of the construction process. After the initial consulting and hand picking of the construction company is out of the way Apollo Interiors will send a member of their highly qualified staff to expertly oversee the continuing progress of the project and ensure that all designated construction arrives finished to spec and on time. This gives the client the perfect piece of mind and takes away all of the anxiety surround such monumental projects. In the industry of interior design references are paramount and it is partially because of this and also because of the company’s honest ethos that they are utterly committed to customer service on every level, with businesses both large and small. Apollo Interiors can be contacted for consultation via telephone or via email at their website.


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