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The Revolutional Breakthrough of LifeVantage

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LifeVantage is a revolutionary organization that is discovering and inventing scientific breakthroughs for the fight against aging, for better overall health, for a better looking appearance, healthier joints and bones, and other important health benefits. They know that aging is natural, but now science is made natural too in regards to aging and other medical/health issues.

This company also makes true science it’s priority. Their scientists and other personnel make it their life mission to devote themselves in science for the betterment of mankind and society.

Some Key Personnel of this Company

Dr. Joe McCord has been a main key player for this organization in the past. He co-discovered superoxide dismutase. He also was a pioneer in Free Radical Biology in which he contributed greatly in LifeVantage products. His efforts also led to him being at the forefront of new discoveries, and in today’s cutting edge research relatable to the revolutionary breakthrough of Nrf2.

Today, this company is honored to have Dr. Nathalie Chevreau. She is a renowned PhD, and the research and development department’s vice president of product development. Dr. Chevreau’s efforts has also led her to being at the forefront of research in regards to skin care, nutritional supplementation, wellness, health, and continued discoveries relatable to the new science of Nrf2.

Important Findings for Better Health & a Better Looking Appearance

There are two new discoveries and inventions of this organization that are really making great strides in the industry, and they include the following:

  • Protandim- the most beneficial Nrf2 synergizing supplement that’s distributed in the market. Peer reviewed studies in labs of different, respectable universities tested and confirmed how beneficial and powerful this supplement is.
  • SuperOxide- aka Superoxide Dismutase is a vital antioxidant defense for mostly all oxygen exposed cells.

Institutions & Professional Journals Vouching for this Company & its Findings

The institutions that tested their product include the following:

•Texas Tech University
•Colorado State University
•University of Colorado Denver
•Virginia Commonwealth University
•The Ohio State University

The medical journals that published the results include the following:

•American Journal of Physiology—Lung Cellular and Molecular Physiology
•Free Radical Biology & Medicine
•Enzyme Research


This company has proven for over 10 years, the benefits of their products. They even had a spotlight about Protandim on TV. Their products help us to do things better that we are programmed to do. However, even though their supplements are very beneficial, it’s still of great importance to eat right, exercise regularly, drink 8-10 glasses of water per day, and get enough rest every night to get the fullest effect of having good health.

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