Jul 20

Tips for getting rid of razor burn

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Many men must be wondering how to get rid of razor burn. Razor burns can occur anywhere on the body even in the most visible areas such as the bikini line. Razor burn just doesn’t happen to men it can happen to anyone who shaves. A razor burn becomes red and inflamed. The feeling is similar to an uncontrollable burning or itch that can’t be touched due to the risk of irritation. When someone is shaving the razor may cause a nick or abrasion that leaves a burning feeling that appears red. That can be classified as a razor burn. No one has to be stuck with a razor burn there are many ways to prevent this from happening and to get rid of it.

Things that can be done to prevent razor burn:

  • Using a dull razor. Many people think using a sharp razor will better aid the shaving process to cut all hairs. The skin is soft and delicate; using a sharp razor can cut the skin causing irritation.
  • Try using less pressure when shaving. The more pressure that is applied when shaving the better chances there are that too much friction will occur between the area and razor.
  • Use a clean razor. Using a dirty razor is possibly the worst thing that anyone can do because it leaves room for infection to occur. A dirty razor can cut the skin open allowing bacteria to enter the skin allowing infection allowing irritation. Discard of old razors to avoid using them again. Using the same razor can cause a buildup of bacteria that may enter the body of the shaver. Washing the razor is another method for using a clean one, but it should never be used more than three times.
  • Wash the area that will be shaved. Having the area clean before preparing to shave is the best thing to prevent dirt and bacteria that may lie on the skin from entering the body or getting caught on the razor.

Dry skin can be an issue with men and women who shave. The friction between the dry skin and the razor can cause irritation, razor bumps and razor burns. One way to prevent this from happening is by moisturizing the skin. Many people moisturize their skin with lotion or shaving cream when shaving. Both methods are effective and will keep the skin healthy. Many dermatologists would recommend shaving gel to shavers. Shaving gel makes the areas of the body much smoother than shaving cream and is about the same price. Many people find comfort in shaving in the shower because of the moisture that comes from the running water. Keep the area moisturized and clean to prevent razor burns and bumps.

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